1.0 / 1.25 / 1.44 / 1.5 / 1.6 MW


 Simplified solution means maximum ROI for utility-scale projects

The Compact MV Power Platform is a turnkey power conversion solution for utility-scale PV plants. Designed for use with the Sunny Central CP-US central inverter line, this solution minimizes risk and maximizes energy production, providing 110 percent power output at temperatures up to 25º C. The Compact MV Power Platform is engineered for maximum ROI, offering reduced system costs, high reliability and best-in-class system efficiencies above 97 percent. Simple installation, easy data monitoring and superior service offerings make the Compact MV Power Platform the preferred choice for large scale projects.

Reduced LCOE

  • Reduced balance of system costs with 1,000 VDC design
  • Auxiliary HVAC not required, even in desert environments
  • Factory integrated grid management, including reactive power control and LVRT


  • Best-in-class system efficiencies above 97% peak
  • 10% additional power for continuous operation at ambient temperatures up to 25° C
  • Low loss transformer engineered for PV application


  • Rigorous environmental testing
  • NEC 2011 compliant
  • NRTL listing of entire platform


  • Simplified shipping and installation process
  • Extensive service offerings and O&M support
  • Integrated AC disconnects, optional DC disconnects and various configuration options


Data sheet

COMPACT MEDIUM VOLTAGE POWER PLATFORM with SUNNY CENTRAL CP-US - Simplified solution means maximum ROI for utility-scale projects
Type: Data sheet
Language: English (US)
Document number: COMVPPSCXXXCP-US-DUS134717
Version number: 1.7