Professional management, monitoring and presentation of PV systems

Whether for a small home system or a large solar park, centralized administration and system monitoring saves time and money. Through the Sunny Portal, plant operators, installers and service technicians have access to key data at any time, from any location. Pre-configured standard pages can be easily customized with individual information. The Sunny Portal features almost infinite options for analyzing data and visualizing yields, whether you need a data table or a highly personalized diagram. In larger systems, the yields of all inverters in the plant are compared automatically, allowing for the detection of even the smallest deviations. The powerful reporting functions also provide regular updates via e-mail to help ensure yields.



  • Central administration of all customer and system data
  • Easy to understand reporting


  • World-wide access through a web-enabled computer or mobile phone


  • Personalized configuration of pages and diagrams
  • Individual yield and event reports sent via e-mail


  • Fully automatic yield comparison of system devices
  • Professional integration into personal website
  Sunny Portal
Available languages German, English, Italian, Spanish, French, Dutch, Portuguese, Greek, Korean, Czech, Chinese
System Requirements  
Supported operating systems All / optimized access for mobile devices
Plant Information  
Plant description Overview of the key properties of the PV plant
Annual comparison Quick yield overview of the entire operating period
Energy balance Overview of purchased and fed in power and self-consumption, if applicable (power meter integration via Meter Connection Box or Sunny Home Manager required)
Plant log book Access to messages regarding plant events
Device overview Properties and parameters of the devices in the PV plant
Recommended browsers Internet Explorer as of version 9, Firefox as of version 5, Google Chrome as of version 14, Safari as of version 5, Opera as of version 11
Other JavaScript and cookies enabled
Supported data logger Sunny WebBox, Sunny Home Manager
Smartphone, Sunny Portal App for iPhone and Android
Plant Management  
Sunny Portal Account One password for all your plants in Sunny Portal
Page Design  
Standard pages Automatic standard pages for the most common plant monitoring and presentation needs
Personalized pages A variety of templates for page construction
Page modules Tables, diagrams, custom images, free text, plant overview (CO2, remuneration, energy)
Visualization of Yield and Measured Values  
Diagram types Selection of six diagram types for optimum presentation of yield and measured values, bar graphs, area charts, and line charts (with, without, or only tags), as well as XY diagrams
Tables Individual configuration of charts for all yield and measured values
Time periods From 5 minutes to 1 year, various time intervals selectable (depending on provided data)
Inverter comparison Fully automatic and ongoing inverter yield comparison and e-mail alarms
Communication monitoring Ongoing monitoring and, when necessary, alarms for the connection between Sunny Portal and Sunny WebBox, the Sunny Home Manager and the Power Reducer Box
Status Reports  
Information reports Daily or monthly reports on energy yield, maximum output, remuneration, CO2 reduction, a self-defined page can also be sent from Sunny Portal via e-mail
Event reports Hourly or daily reports on information, warnings, faults and errors, with personalized content and recipients
Report format Text, PDF, HTML
Individual Access  
Publication of specific pages Access via the public area on Sunny Portal by all Internet users, ideal for personalized presentations on personal Web sites
User roles Assign roles of “guest”, “standard user”, “installer” and “plant administrator” to easily determine who has which viewing and confi guration rights
Type designation Sunny Portal


User Manual

User Manual - Webconnect Systems in SUNNY PORTAL
Type: User Manual
Language: English (US)
Document number: SPortalWebcon-US-BA-en-13
Version number: 1.3

Micro Inverters in SUNNY PORTAL - User Manual
Type: User Manual
Language: English (US)
Document number: SPortalMGate-US-BA-en-10
Version number: 1.0

Sunny WebBox, Sunny WebBox with Bluetooth® and SMA Cluster Controller in SUNNY PORTAL - User Manual
Type: User Manual
Language: English (US)
Document number: Portal-WB-CC-BA-US_en-25
Version number: 2.5

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