Multicluster-Boxen für SUNNY ISLAND 5048


Simple design of large off-grid systems

The Multicluster Box for the Sunny Island 4548-US, 5048-US and 6048-US is the ideal solution for the easy installation of off-grid systems up to 100 kW. Two to four three-phase clusters, each with three Sunny Islands, can be connected in parallel. The Multicluster Box is pre-wired for operation and equipped with a main connection for PV or wind energy systems. The communication cables necessary for installation are also included.



  • Integrated AC distribution for Sunny Island, generator and PV systems
  • Can accommodate various generator, PV and load sizes
  • For systems up to 100 kW


  • Load shedding, Sunny Island and generator contactors and circuit breakers
  • Circuit breaker for PV system


Enhanced Safety

  • Reverse current monitoring
  • Simple emergency operation of the generator
Technical data Multicluster Box 12U
Number of phases 3-phase
Nominal voltage 3 x 120 V / 208 V
Voltage range 105 V – 132 V / 181 V – 229 V
Nominal frequency / range 60 Hz / 55 Hz ... 65 Hz
Dimensions (W / H / D) 48 / 65 / 14 in (122 / 165 / 36 cm)
Mounting type standing on base
Weight approx. 485 lbs (220 kg)
Connections for Sunny Island  
Number 12
Continuous AC output at 77 °F (25 °C) up to 72 kW
AC output for 30 min. / 1 min. 80 kW / 100 kW
Nominal AC current at 77 °F (25 °C) 3 x 167 A
Connection for PV system  
Number 1 x 3-phase
Nominal AC power / AC current 110 kW / 3 x 300 A
Load connection  
Number 1 x 3-phase
Nominal power / current 110 kW / 3 x 300 A
Generator connection  
Number 1 x 3-phase
Nominal power / current 110 kW / 3 x 300 A
Ambient conditions  
Ambient temperature –25 to +60 °C (–13 to +122 °F)
Enclosure rating NEMA 12
Certifications and permits UL 508A
Communication cable 4 x 5 m FTP Cat 5e
Multicluster Piggy-Back opt.
Type Designation MCB-12U


Data sheet

MULTICLUSTER BOX for SUNNY ISLAND 4548-US and 6048-US - Simple design of large off-grid systems
Type: Data sheet
Language: English (US)
Document number: CLUSTBOX-DUS140330
Version number: 3.0
Installation Guide

MULTICLUSTER BOX FOR SUNNY ISLAND 4548‑US/5048‑US/6048‑US - Installation Manual
Type: Installation Guide
Language: English (US)
Document number: MCB12-IA-eng-IUS120811
Version number: 1.1

SMA America LLC Factory Warranty - Sunny Boy, Sunny Island, Sunny Tripower, SMA Fuel Save Controller, Monitoring Systems
Type: Warranty
Language: English (US)
Document number: SBSMC_SIWB-ZE-GEBED-US_en-34
Version number: 3.4