SMA SOLARCHECKER – Does Solar Power on My Roof Make Sense?

iPhone® app for estimating PV system yield

"Is it worth having a photovoltaic system on my roof?" This is a question many homeowners are asking themselves. Installation specialists who own an iPhone 3GS can answer this question in just a few seconds-thanks to the Solarchecker from SMA. This iPhone application quickly and conveniently estimates the yield of a PV system, simplifying on-site estimates.


  • GPS-based locator
  • Determines roof tilt and orientation
  • Irradiation values provided by online meteorological database


  • Online feed-in tariffs and average system costs
  • Determination of yield and expected profits/savings
  • Integrated financing calculator


  • Local solar power professional search*
  • Installer telephone or email provided at the press of a button
  • Free download in Apple App Store

*All members of the Sunny PRO Club are included in the solar power professional search.