January 2015

Quality Counts:

A lasting investment with SMA

Higher Quality, Lower Risk

SMA designs and manufactures the most reliable, highest quality solar inverters available. What does that mean for you? Less risk. Less troubleshooting. Better ROI. More resources available to grow your business or build your next PV system.

Tried and True Performance

SMA is the clear choice for reliability and durability. With high performance, flexible design and innovative features, each inverter is built to deliver a service life of 20-plus years. An SMA inverter means low risk, high output and improved financial performance for our partners.

Data proves that SMA inverters have a useful life far beyond all other brands. Sunny Boy 3000-US/4000-US inverters built in 2008 exhibit Annual Failure Rates (AFR) of 0.15% over four years. Sunny Boy 5000-US/6000-US/7000-US/8000-US inverters demonstrate a similar 0.22% AFR over the same period.

Tap into SMA’s Service Network

Energy lost due to equipment issues leads to money and time lost, but choosing SMA means you’ll have access to the most dependable support in the industry.

SMA Service provides fast response. Each Service Line call is answered in an average of 40 seconds and replacement inverters are usually delivered within 24 hours. While any company can offer a long warranty, its real worth is only as strong as the company standing behind it. With SMA you’ll have financial security and exceptional customer care.

Proven Processes in Design and Manufacturing

The lessons learned from more than 30 years in the business have helped us fine tune our manufacturing processes, which results in greater certainty and predictability. We know that quality counts, and our customers can be confident in the quality of our processes.

Our highly-developed processes reduce infant mortality rates,
flatten and extend usable life and significantly slow the wearout
of our inverters.

Each inverter is engineered with the highest quality components designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions, and every inverter undergoes a rigorous series of tests, including:

     > Field tests    

     > Environmental and endurance tests    

     > Electrical tests – meeting and exceeding electrical standards

Quality Control at Every Stage

SMA adheres to a meticulous manufacturing process. It begins with circuit board assembly, where an automated process places the smallest, most sensitive components on a board. After the components are placed, the boards are run through a 500° F furnace, which bonds the components with soldering paste. After bonding, the first of 10 optical checks occurs. Approximately 1,600 attributes are scanned over many components, exceeding the precision of human inspection.

Next, larger components are hand connected. A second optical check is performed (SMA is the only inverter manufacturer perform this check). Then, 160 attributes are reviewed before a second 500° F soldering firmly bonds wire connections.

The final manufacturing step includes a test and coating process. Current is measured with testing signals, and firmware is uploaded to the boards’ memory. A finishing protective spray is then applied to both sides of the circuit board.

After manufacturing comes assembly. All SMA assembly facilities feature world-class quality processes. Products for the U.S. market are assembled in Denver, Colorado. The Denver facility is certified to International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9001: 2008 and 14001: 2004 standards. These certifications allow SMA to provide the highest quality products and make company procedures more efficient.

After inverter assembly, a final set of steps takes place. This includes a high-voltage test, burn-in procedure, custom finishing and dispatch. Physical inspection occurs at every stage. These exceptional processes and high quality components provide tangible benefits and are recognized around the world by savvy financiers. SMA enjoys approved, white-listed status with all major PV investors.

SMA’s Lifetime Commitment to Quality

SMA builds reliability into every solution from concept to completion. This has helped SMA earn its reputation as the world’s most trusted inverter solutions provider. At the end of the day, solar investors, installers, developers and end users look for one thing: a solution that yields low risk and high returns. Trust in SMA to deliver on this promise.

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