The weather station for PV plants

The Sunny SensorBox is installed directly onto the modules and measures solar irradiation and module temperature, optionally, wind speed and ambient temperatures. In combination with Sunny WebBox and Sunny Portal, it enables a continuous target/current comparison of the plant power. This makes it possible to detect shading, dirt, and a gradually declining array performance, thus maximizing yield security.


  • Rapid error detection via continuous target-actual comparison of plant performance


  • Precise measurement of irradiation intensity, module temperature, ambient temperature and wind speed

Easy to use

  • Easy integration in existing PV plants per RS485 or Bluetooth (via SMA Power Injector with Bluetooth)
  • Data analysis via Sunny WebBox or Sunny Portal

Bluetooth Repeater

The SMA Bluetooth® Repeater makes it easy to bridge ceilings, walls or distances up to 100 m between devices in the Bluetooth network.

Power Injektor 485

Power Injektor Bluetooth

Wind sensor

Wall mounting bracket for wind sensor

Ambient temp. sensor

Module temperature sensor

Mounting plate

Roof bracket

Sealkit Sensor

Power Supply

ComCab data cable (indoor/outdoor)

The length and quality of a line can impact the signal quality and therefore the functioning of your plant communication. For this reason we advise that you use the SMA cable types recommended for indoor and outdoor use when wiring your plant communications.

For installation outdoors: COMCAB-OUTxxx*, for installation indoors: COMCAB-INxxx*

  • Cross-section: min. 2 x 2 x 0.22 mm2 or min. 2 x 2 x AWG 24
  • shielded
  • Twisted pair lines
  • UV resistant (for outdoor use only)

Data sheet

SUNNY SENSORBOX - The weather station for PV systems SENSORBOX-DUS103713W.pdf
  • Type: Data sheet
  • Language: English (US)
  • Number: SENSORBOX-DUS103713
  • Version: 1.3

Installation Guide

SUNNY SENSORBOX - Installation Manual Sensorbox-eng-IA-IUS-112515.pdf
  • Type: Installation Guide
  • Language: English (US)
  • Number: Sensorbox-eng-IA-IUS-112515
  • Version: 1.5
RS485 - Cabling Plan / Asignación del cableado / Principe du câblage 485VERK-eng-spa-fra-TUS110711.pdf
  • Type: Installation Guide
  • Language: English (US)
  • Number: 485VERK-eng-spa-fra-TUS110711
  • Version: 1.1

Manufacturers Declaration

Manufacturer’s Certification Statemant SMAManufactCert9Dec2014.pdf
  • Type: Manufacturers Declaration
  • Language: English (US)
  • Number: SMAManufactCert9Dec2014
  • Version:

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