Remote monitoring and maintenance of medium-sized PV plants




The Sunny WebBox is the ideal monitoring solution for medium-sized PV plants. It receives and stores current measured values and transmits data via RS485. This means you can stay updated on the status of your plant around the clock. In the event of a problem, you can react quickly and secure your yields. Parameters can be changed and a variety of measured values can be depicted, analyzed and downloaded via a web browser. All data from the connected devices is stored and automatically transmitted to Sunny Portal, if desired. The Sunny WebBox allows central access to your plant data on the Internet via Sunny Portal.


  • Remote PV plant monitoring, diagnosis and configuration
  • Data logger for all key plant data
  • Rapid detection of operation failures

Easy to use

  • Automatic monitoring of up to 50 inverters via RS485
  • Quick set-up thanks to the Sunny WebBox Assistant and quick reference guide


  • Includes free standard access to Sunny Portal for the entire service life of the plant
  • Flexible display, evaluation, yield and event reports via Sunny Portal

Version 1.52 (June 2011)

Easy Commissioning - Simplified commissioning in just six steps through the support of SUNNY WEBBOX ASSISTANT incl. the possibility of configuration saving.

Greater Flexibility - enhancement of the Modbus interface by adding new device profiles.

Better Informed
- Improved error management for SUNNY BACKUP through automatic or manual call up of the event / error log and transmission via FTP-Push.

General Improvements - Optimization of the internal data processing
With firmware 1.52 information of the following devices is available via the standardized Modbus interface (updated or newly added):

  • Sunny Central 250U
  • Sunny Central 500CP
  • Sunny Central 500HEUS
  • Sunny Central 500U
  • Sunny Central 630CP
  • Sunny Central 720CP
  • Sunny Central 760CP
  • Sunny Central 800CP
  • Sunny Central Control
  • Sunny Central String-Monitor Controller (SCSMC)
  • Sunny String-Monitor (SMU8)
  • Sunny String-Monitor US (SSMUS)
  • Sunny Tripower xxxxx TL-10


  • Perform a data upload to Sunny Portal before an update procedure using the SD card. If no data upload to Sunny Portal is performed, data saved since the last upload might possibly get lost when updating the firmware using the SD card.
  • If you have deactivated the Sunny WebBox automatic firmware update function, you can carry out the update manually via the web interface or update the Sunny WebBox with the help of the update file in the download area and an SD card.

Version 1.51 (August 2010)

Performance Features:

Performance improvements – Data transmission via the analog and GSM modem, SD card access and web interface response are considerably faster.

Modbus data interface – To query inverter data. Further information can be found in the Modbus profile description in the download area.

Sunny Central firmware updates – The Sunny Central firmware can be updated via the web interface of the Sunny WebBox, thus avoiding servicing on-site.

Simplified device exchange – As of now, the deletion of both the portal buffer and the channel list, which is necessary during device exchanges, can also be done at the "Installer" access level.

Simplified error analysis – Error codes are shown on the web interface with an error description and information on error elimination.

Support of new device types – Updates for the devices supported; device types to follow can be loaded using an SD card.

If you have deactivated the Sunny WebBox's automatic firmware update, you can carry out the update manually using your Sunny WebBox's web interface.

Note: if your Sunny WebBox is connected via an analog modem, it is impossible to carry out an update from firmware 1.50 to firmware 1.51 via the modem. Instead, you can download the firmware from the download area (from September 1, 2010) and update your Sunny WebBox using an SD card.

Version 1.5 (november 2009)

  • Quickly informed - Realtime and direct messaging based on inverter error processing via E-Mail and optional via SMS by using the Sunny WebBox with GSM modem.
  • Cost savings – Reduction of the operating GSM costs of your monitoring system based on the reduction of the uploaded data volume (depending on inverter type)
  • Increased availability – Use the comfortable direct access to your Sunny WebBox via the Internet even with GSM option (“GPRS always on” is for example provided by the recommended plans of the Deutsche Telekom)
  • Multilingual - Additional software languages (KR/GR) for a worldwide usage

Information: For security reasons the access to the ftp server of the Sunny Webbox is intentionally not possible without knowing the password of the system. Have a look at the technical description version 3.0 for the new handling.

Version 1.46 (may 2009)

  • security update – visualization of password security level including information to generate secure passwords.

Have a look on the FAQ to find more information about this update and „security“ in general.

Version 1.45 (January 2009)

  • FTP-Push feature – Flexible data upload to the server of your choice
  • Proxy server support - Support of a proxy server including authentication
  • Addition of the menu languages Portuguese, Dutch and Czech
  • Logo adjustment

Version 1.44 (January 2009)

  • Requirement for firmware version 1.45

Version 1.43 (January 2008)

  • Debugging of Version 1.42
    You can carry out the update via the web-interface of the WebBox.

Version 1.42 (December 2007)

  • Support of the Powerline Adapters SWR-COM-USB
  • Support of SD Memory Cards up to 2 GBytes
  • Data Downlaod via HTTP
  • Addition of the FTP Download (authentication)
  • Addition of French as menu language

Version 1.41 (May 2007)

  • Support for GSM Modem and Sunny Backup
    RPC Data interface

Version 1.40 (March 2007)

  • GSM Modem Support
  • Direct dial-in in the WebBox via analogue and GSM Modem

Version 1.38 (March 2007)

  • Improved compatibility with Sunny SensorBox
  • Extended support of Sunny Central systems
  • CSV-export improved
  • Update of the daylight saving time change function

Version 1.30 (September 2006)

  • Compatibility with Sunny Central and Sunny Island devices
  • Improved operator interface
  • General improvements

Version 1.22 (March 2006)

  • A rare problem in the transmitting of data via an analogue modem has been resolved

Version 1.20 (February 2006)

  • Configurable data recording in CSV format
  • Improved device list
  • problem of numerous new-starts resolved
  • Editable system identifier
  • Energy values are no longer reset after a new-start
  • Support for USB Powerline Modem (SWRCOM-USB)

Version 1.11F/1.12F (October 2005)

  • SD Card recognition faster and more reliable.
  • Change over of the SD Card to the TFAT file system. Through this the data security is increased in the case of an unexpected new-start.
  • In isolated cases the WebBox could freeze on start-up. This problem has been resolved.
  • The accuracy of the internal clock has been improved.

SD card

Meter Connection Box

GSM external antenna extension set

SIM card

Wireless set

Power Supply

ComCab data cable (indoor/outdoor)

The length and quality of a line can impact the signal quality and therefore the functioning of your plant communication. For this reason we advise that you use the SMA cable types recommended for indoor and outdoor use when wiring your plant communications.

For installation outdoors: COMCAB-OUTxxx*, for installation indoors: COMCAB-INxxx*

  • Cross-section: min. 2 x 2 x 0.22 mm2 or min. 2 x 2 x AWG 24
  • shielded
  • Twisted pair lines
  • UV resistant (for outdoor use only)

User Manual

SUNNY WEBBOX - User Manual SWebBox-BA-US-en-34.pdf
  • Type: User Manual
  • Language: English (US)
  • Number: SWebBox-BA-US_en-34
  • Version: 3.4
SUNNY WEBBOX RPC - Remote-Procedure-Call Description/Interfaces and API Definition - User Manual SWebBoxRPC-eng-BUS112713.pdf
  • Type: User Manual
  • Language: English (US)
  • Number: SWebBoxRPC-eng-BUS112713
  • Version: 1.3

Data sheet

SUNNY WEBBOX - Remote monitoring and maintenance of large solar power plants WEBBOX-DUS131916W.pdf
  • Type: Data sheet
  • Language: English (US)
  • Number: WEBBOX-DUS131916
  • Version: 1.6

Installation Guide

RS485 - Cabling Plan / Asignación del cableado / Principe du câblage 485VERK-eng-spa-fra-TUS110711.pdf
  • Type: Installation Guide
  • Language: English (US)
  • Number: 485VERK-eng-spa-fra-TUS110711
  • Version: 1.1

Manufacturers Declaration

Manufacturer’s Certification Statemant SMAManufactCert9Dec2014.pdf
  • Type: Manufacturers Declaration
  • Language: English (US)
  • Number: SMAManufactCert9Dec2014
  • Version:

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