Vlaamse Maatschappij voor Watervoorziening - Kluizen
Vlaamse Maatschappij voor Watervoorziening - Kluizen
Vlaamse Maatschappij voor Watervoorziening - Kluizen


Maximum reliability with Sunny Central CP

Vlaamse Maatschappij voor Watervoorziening, the largest Flemish drinking water supplier, has built a large-scale solar project with a power output of roughly 3.6 MW at the banks of one of its drinking water reservoirs in cooperation with Ikaros Solar. Ikaros Solar particularly praised the speed with which the project was completed. The plant was ready for connection to the medium-voltage grid in less than two months.

Sunny Central CP


The PV project in Niieuweweg in Kluizen, Belgium features just under 15 000 solar modules. 3 Sunny Central 800CP inverters and 2 Sunny Central 630CP inverters are in use there. The PV power station was officially commissioned on 5 March, 2012. In addition to the representatives of all companies involved, the ceremony was also attended by the Flemish Minister for Environment, Nature and Culture, Joke Schauvliege.


Why did you decide for SMA?

“We chose SMA because of the service. SMA has a dedicated service team that is large enough and experienced. In case of breakdown the downtime of the plant is than limited. SMA offered us a service contract with guaranteed service levels and intervention times. In term of design support we have a long lasting relationship with SMA and can always rely on their expertise.”

Ikaros Solar


  • March: 2012

Nominal power

  • 3.6 MWp


  • 15 000 solar modules


  • 3 Sunny Central 800CP
  • 2 Sunny Central 630CP


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