The Sunny Tripower 60-US has been engineered to enable a mini-central system architecture that reduces balance-of-system costs, simplifies O&M and maximizes uptime. This approach combines the advantages of a decentralized system layout with the benefits of centralized inverter designs which results in optimized LCOE across the lifetime of the PV plant. The Sunny Tripower 60-US presents EPCs and project developers with a scalable, flexible solution that’s perfect for small to mid-sized utility PV plants.


  • Centrally-located inverters reduce BOS costs and simplify servicing
  • Leading power density maximizes transportation and logistical efficiency

Reduced Risk

  • Mini-central architecture maximizes system uptime
  • Field-proven SMA quality backed by the world’s #1 service team


  • Plug-and-play Ethernet connection expedites installation and commissioning
  • Central control of up to 2.5 MW with a single SMA Inverter Manager


  • Optimal 60 kW building block creates scalability while maximizing land usage
  • Single inverter platform standardizes system design for global PV markets


With Best-in-Class LCOE

The Sunny Tripower 60-US system solution consists of three components: superior quality inverters, the SMA Inverter Manager and the LCS (Local Commissioning and Service) Tool. This systemized approach gives the Sunny Tripower 60-US a high level of performance while maintaining the scalability, flexibility and serviceability to suit any business model.

Project Risk Reduction

Project Risk Reduction

EPCs and PV project developers can rely on the Sunny Tripower 60-US to deliver long-term risk reduction that manufacturers from low cost regions simply cannot match. Following a successful global adoption, the field-proven Sunny Tripower 60-US joins SMA’s North American product portfolio as the ideal solution for small to mid-scale utility projects. Only SMA can offer expert risk reduction with the experience to back it up: a 50+ GW installed base and the #1 ranked service team proactively managing multiple GW’s of O&M globally.

System Cost Savings

This next-generation successor to the Sunny Central CP-US series presents an opportunity to economically substitute a central inverter for the Sunny Tripower 60-US with minimal design revisions, thanks to its mini-central system architecture. Centrally located inverters reduce trenching work while reduced cabling costs and simple servicing contribute to optimized LCOE. With unmatched power density that produces 60 kVA while weighing only 165 pounds, the Sunny Tripower 60-US requires little space, reduces on-site preparation work, lowers logistical costs and expedites installation.

System Cost Savings
SMA Inverter Manager - Simple Commissioning and Control

Simple Commissioning and Control

The precisely developed LCS Tool accelerates commissioning and reduces onsite labor hours. The inverter is configured by simply selecting the system-specific configuration files and then transmitting them to all inverters. Additionally, individual inverter data is aggregated into a single plant profile for comprehensive plant performance analysis. Simple integration into third party communication systems provides flexibility in supporting individual customer business models.

The Sunny Tripower 60-US speeds installation with a self-configuring inverter network, automatic IP assignment and device discovery, which eliminates manual setup. The SMA Inverter Manager is the central communications component and intelligent control interface for the entire system. It effectively administers all of the critical inverter and system management functions for up to 2.5 MW with a single inverter manager. The SMA Inverter Manager also creates a seamless inverter control loop that allows for complete grid management capabilities with existing or new SCADA networks.

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Quick Reference Guide for Commissioning - SUNNY TRIPOWER 60

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