SMA’s Corporate Citizenship

Assuming social and ecological responsibility is the basis of our business model and has remained an important part of corporate culture since SMA was founded. Our corporate social responsibility strategy focuses on environmental and climate protection, with commitment to our community and society as a whole as well as to our employees.

Environment and Climate Protection

With our complete system solutions, we are paving the way for the sustainable and environmentally friendly energy supply of tomorrow. Naturally, our environmental and climate protection efforts start right with the company.

SMA pursues a sustainable energy concept in which energy efficiency and the use of renewable energies play an important role. TÜV Nord has certified our in-house energy management system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 50001. The internationally recognized certification attests to SMA’s particularly efficient and sustainable use of energy in production and management.

Sustainable Energy Concepts

The environmental management certification DIN EN ISO 21627 has furthered and reinforced the subject of environmental protection at our headquarters in Niestetal, Germany. We continually analyze, communicate and improve our environmental protection activities and review our progress through routine internal audits.

Certificate DIN EN ISO 21627

SMA’s mobility management is also part of its climate and environmental protection strategy. For example, it has been raising employee awareness about environmentally friendly ways of commuting to work. In 2010, the “Innovative concepts in mobility management” competition, which is held annually by the German Energy Agency (dena) and the Federal Department of the Environment, awarded SMA’s mobility management concept 1st place in the “Internal mobility management” category.

Social Responsibility

SMA has a variety of commitments when it comes to culture, community, education and the environment. As part of this work, we actively contribute to building a sustainable power supply using renewable energies in third world countries.

As one of the largest companies in North Hesse, we are committed to promoting local development and do so by focusing our activities on community and social issues in our region.

Selected Projects

Research and Development

We know from experience that research and development is the engine that drives successful innovations over the long term. This is why SMA wants to spark children’s and young people’s interest in science and technology at an early age and support students in these fields. After all, it is their ideas that will shape the future of our society, and perhaps one day, that of SMA, too.

Selected Projects

More than 1.3 billion people around the world still live without electricity. Under the motto “Helping others to help themselves,” we intend to aid these people in gaining access to a sustainable and inexpensive power supply, and thereby also greater prosperity and economic development.

Selected Projects


Motivated employees are a key factor in our entrepreneurial success, which is why it is very important for SMA to be an attractive employer.

Our corporate culture has been founded on cooperative management.  Fairness, trust, partnership and respect are the most important components. All employees are encouraged to act independently and make their own decisions. The keys to achieving these goals are open communication on all levels and employee involvement in the company’s objectives.

We support our employees in finding a healthy work-life balance. For example, SMA Family Service provides advice and support on questions concerning parental leave, return to working life, or organizes vacation day-care for kids. The company also offers its employees flexible working time models and gives them the freedom to structure their work individually.

SMA places a high value on the continuing education and further training of our employees. Even in economically tough times, we teach and train young people above and beyond what their current jobs require. In addition to external continuing education options, SMA offers an internal training program with many workshops and seminars.

The mission of SMA’s company health management program is to continuously improve the working conditions and the health-related behavior of its employees.

Values and Principles

We base our actions on clearly defined values and principles, which determine how we work to achieve our goals.

As a global company, we are constantly aligning our business practices with nationally and internationally recognized standards. In January 2011, SMA joined the UN Global Compact. The United Nations Global Compact is a worldwide volunteer initiative with the goal of bringing together the forces of the United Nations, businesses and civil society to act in the interest of sustainable development. At the core of this initiative are 10 universally accepted principles related to human rights, labor standards, environmental protection and anti-corruption.

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In April 2009, SMA signed the Code of Conduct issued by the German Association of Materials Management, Purchasing and Logistics (BME), thus pledging to act according to fair, ecologically sound, responsible and ethical principles.

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