SMA demonstrates its commitment to promoting the region of North Hesse and the city of Kassel through its sponsorship of dOCUMENTA (13). The world's most important exhibition for contemporary art is being held from June 9 to September 16, 2012, and is expected once again to draw hundreds of thousands of visitors from all over the world. SMA's sponsorship of the international art exhibition is a part of its strategy to establish the region of North Hesse, including the city of Kassel, as a solar region in the general public.

Kultursommer Nordhessen (North Hessen Summer of Culture) – as the main sponsor of this event in 2012, SMA helped provide families an opportunity to enjoy arts and cultural events.

Kasseler Musiktage (Kassel Music Days) – SMA sponsors one of the oldest music festivals in Europe. 

MENSCH - Mentoring für Schüler (Mentoring for Students) – SMA employees mentor students with few career prospects during their last year of school. 

7,000 Oaks

The project 7,000 Oaks of the late artist Joseph Beuys combines ecological and cultural sustainability. With the planting of 13 English oaks, we are continuing  the documenta art work begun in 1982, while also sponsoring five years of maintenance.

Kassel Night of Museums

As a company in the "documenta" city Kassel (Germany), it is important to us to support regional art and culture. This is why we support the Kassel Night of Museums: Once each year, around 40 museums and cultural centers open their doors and present themselves from their most lively side.

Hafen 17

In the "Hafen 17" children's project, the Diakonisches Werk, a charitable organization in Kassel (Germany), provides children from socially disadvantaged families not only with a meeting place, but also with a perspective for the future. This is a place where they can play, receive assistance with their homework, and learn proper nutrition. The central concept of "Hafen 17" is to give kids some positive time and the chance of enjoying a warm meal together. At the table, the counselors have a chance to chat with the children, to find out about their worries and hardships early on, and to look for solutions together.

The Phoenix Project

The project is run by the Göttingen Hotline for Women, and focuses on children who are direct or indirect victims of domestic violence. The organization's main concern is to alleviate the social privation experienced by these children and young people, to improve their educational opportunities and, above all, to set them on the path to a future without violence.