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At SMA, we have been working for about 40 years to harness the power of the sun. Our products and solutions pave the way for the climate-friendly, decentralized energy supply of the future. We have been convinced of this from the very beginning: It is not enough to develop technologies for clean energy generation, it also depends on how they are created. That’s why we are setting trends through environmentally friendly and resource-saving management, the use of renewable energies, transparency, fairness and an honest business policy. In our day-to-day working life, in the company and beyond. For a world worth having. Powered by us.

Wiebke Krüger, project manager at SMA
Jürgen Reinert, CEO at SMA
Eric Quiring, contact person for political and industry association work at SMA
Markus Huelfenhaus, production manager at SMA

Our goal is to create a cycle

Natural resources are valuable, which is why we want to utilize them as responsibly and sparingly as possible. We leverage our outstanding innovative strength to achieve this. Through new technologies and processes, we ensure that our products and solutions not only require ever fewer materials, but are also more durable and easier to service and recycle. We always look at the value chain as a whole. Because our goal is to create closed-loop cycles in which we reuse as many recyclable materials as possible.

Innovation inspires

Less is more

A world worth having needs not only unspoiled nature, but also clean air. This is why we use not only raw materials sparingly and efficiently, but also energy. Our energy concept across all areas is geared toward minimizing energy consumption, using energy efficiently and covering the remaining demand with renewable energies. With this, we are making a valuable contribution to climate protection and setting an example for our suppliers and other companies.

Energy changes

More than just a job

We are not a big family, but an amazing team with a shared passion. Every single day, more than 3,000 SMA employees practice diversity, respectfulness, fairness and transparency with passion and commitment. In 18 different countries, encompassing different cultures, religions and viewpoints. We learn something new every day and face challenges together. And that is the basis for our success.

Diversity wins

No compromises

We are part of the big picture. So for us, sustainability begins long before we start production. Our suppliers are required to meet strict criteria regarding corruption, ethics, workers’ rights, environmental protection, quality and product safety. We firmly oppose unethical behavior, child labor and disregard for human rights. Both at our locations worldwide and throughout our entire supply chain. We are in constant dialogue with our stakeholders and committed at all levels to a decentralized and climate-friendly energy future.

Responsibility matters

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Do you have any questions about
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