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The future belongs to renewable energy! For you as a solar specialist, systems integrator, solar technology retailer, system planner, solar installer or plant designer, that means new sales opportunities!

However, change is a daily occurrence in the solar industry. Product innovations, new technology, and legal reforms mean you cannot afford to be anything less than up to date. Failing to keep up means falling behind.

The SMA Solar Academy provides expertise and advanced training delivering information on the latest trends, new developments, and current topics in the field.

Take the time to further your education!

Solar Academy Webinars

Solar Academy Webinars

Besides its classroom trainings, the Solar Academy also offers webinars.

You can participate in these online trainings via your PC or tablet from wherever you want. Of course, there are ways for interaction and you can participate just as actively as in our face-to-face trainings, e.g. by asking questions.

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