SMA’s new and improved Power+ Solution is delivering unmatched speed and simplicity to solar installers

What’s new with the Power+ Solution?

SMA’s new and improved Power+ Solution is the next generation of optimized residential systems, now with fewer components and even simpler commissioning. Greater integration within the inverter now only requires a single plug-and-play connection, eliminating additional labor and balance-of-system costs. The Power+ Solution delivers the fastest installation possible without sacrificing the energy yield or investment security that the industry has come to expect from SMA.

Download the Power+ Solution brochure for installers
Download the Power+ Solution brochure for homeowners


Attention solar installers—receive a $50 rebate on every SMA Power+ residential system you install. Only the Power+ Solution from SMA delivers time, labor and balance of system savings—all while putting money back in your pocket! From August 1, 2017 through July 31, 2018 every Power+ residential system installed is eligible for a $50 rebate.* Remember, the more you install the more you earn, so act fast to take advantage of your Power+ Payday.

*Subject to terms and conditions

Cashing in is as simple as 1, 2, 3:

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Unmatched flexibility, ultimate performance

The SMA Power+ Solution combines legendary SMA inverter performance and intelligent DC module-level electronics in one cost-effective, comprehensive package. This means that you can achieve maximum solar power production for your customers while also realizing significant installation savings.

  • Maximum production  with partial shading or with multiple module orientations
  • Selective deployment of DC electronics for maximum ROI
  • Fastest installation thanks to unique plug-and-play concept
  • Module-level monitoring through Sunny Portal
  • Supported by SMA Service – the industry’s #1 ranked service organization

Perfectly matched solution

  • Smart Module Technology 
    Module-based technology boosts performance.

  • Monitoring
    Sunny Portal enables detailed, module-level monitoring.

  • PV Inverter
    Renowned SMA reliability and simple installation enables worry-free, long term operation.

Save time and money

Different module alignments and various types of shading influence a PV system’s performance. With the innovative TS4-R platform, integrators now have the ultimate choice in deploying module-level electronics. SMA’s Power+ Solution can be applied per module for operational simplicity or selectively for faster installation. This freedom boosts system performance like other module-level technologies but also enables faster, more-cost effective installation and greater system reliability.

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Experience Faster Installation

No module-level power electronic option is faster to install. The Sunny Boy inverter is 50 percent faster to install than comparable string inverters and the tool-free TS4 installation snaps in place in mere seconds.

  • Tool-free TS4 installation saves 75 - 90 minutes per system compared to other brands
  • Selective deployment can eliminate up to 72 minutes per system compared to other solutions
  • Added bonus: safety is enhanced! The TS4 can be installed on the ground (or at the warehouse), greatly reducing risk of falls, roof damage, etc.

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Module-level monitoring

Peace of Mind

Homeowners can enjoy total security with free, module-level monitoring via Sunny Portal – the world’s largest PV monitoring platform, which is easy to use and mobile-friendly. Even small discrepancies in power production can be seen and quickly rectified. This means that system owners will save more each month, and ensures the highest return-on-investment possible.

  • Easily see an overview of the entire system
  • React quickly in the event of irregularities
  • Industry leading portal with more than 250,000 PV systems

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How it works

Optimization Redefined Tour

Optimization Redefined Tour

Do you want to see the Power+ Solution live?

Attend the Optimization Redefined Tour and receive technical training provided by our expert Solar Academy trainers.

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Can’t make it to one of the tour stops?

View the SMA Solar Academy training schedule for a full list of in-person and web-based seminars.

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Download the Power+ Solution brochure for trade professionals

Download the Power+ Solution
brochure for trade professionals

PDF download

Download the Power+ Solution brochure for trade professionals

Download the Power+ Solution
brochure for homeowners

PDF download

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