Gateway depending function matrix of Sunny Portal

Sunny WebBoxSunny WebBox m. BluetoothSunny Home ManagerWebconnect
Commissioning with Plant Setup Assistant
Different user roles
Device update (does not concern all inverters)
Displaying live data, Directly on the data logger
Displaying live data at Sunny Portal
Standard page / Page per inverter
Standard page for all Inverter
Own pages, diagrams and tables
Visualization of self-consumption*
Publication of specific pages
iPhone & Android App, mobile website
Communication monitoring, daily verification
Communication monitoring, adjustable period of verification
Daily Inverter comparison
Daily Inverter comparison, adjustable tolerances
Yield and weather forecast
Event reports, Once a day
Event reports, hourly
Information reports (day/month)
Information reports, customizable content
Data storage, unlimited
Minute values for 2 years
Hour values for 5 years
Day values over the total life time of the PV plant
* May require additional products