Solar Power System by SMA

Easily Produce and Use Your Own Energy

Your PV system produces inexpensive electricity just for you. Use what you need and feed the rest into the utility grid.

With SMA inverters, communication solutions and our comprehensive range of services, you can be sure that your PV system will produce as much solar power as possible.

The benefit to you: Producing your own energy enables you to be more independent from increasing electricity prices. In states that offer net metering, surplus electricity generated by your solar system feeds back into the grid and you receive a credit which can result in thousands of dollars saved yearly.

In addition, with our innovative communication solutions you can monitor your PV system around the clock, control your electricity consumption and compare notes with other PV system owners.

Advantages at a Glance:

  • Save electricity costs
  • Make yourself more independent from rising electricity prices
  • Keep track of your electricity consumption, which gives you an overview and helps you save energy and money
  • Increase the value of your property and protect the environment
  • Upgrade your PV system at any time by adding storage or integrating additional targeted loads

System Setup

The Simple Solution for Clean Energy

PV in its simplest form: PV modules gather sunlight to produce direct current, which the inverter converts to alternating current and is used directly in the home or fed into the utility grid. 

  • Overview at all times: Our monitoring solution allows you to see at any time whether your PV system is running smoothly, your household is using the energy produced, or whether it is being fed into the grid.

  • Environmentally friendly and inexpensive: The power produced on your roof is used directly in your home. You can clean, do laundry, light your home or surf the Internet using the power of the sun.

  • The heart of the photovoltaic system: The inverter converts the direct current produced by PV modules into alternating current. Depending on demand, it is used directly in the home or fed into the utility grid.

Why provide homeowners with an inferior solution?

Many PV systems fall short of providing a complete home energy solution, which is bad for both homeowners and installers. Questionable reliability, troublesome servicing and the lack of a future-proof solution can irritate homeowners and limit an installer’s future revenue stream.

Inefficient, unreliable design

Inefficient, unreliable design

  • These systems have more components and produce more heat due to constant operation.
  • This means more points to service in the harsh rooftop environment and higher likelihood of failure.
  • Excessive power consumption reduces energy production.

Difficult servicing

Difficult servicing

  • Most solar systems have to rely on reactive servicing.
  • Coordinating multiple site visits is a hassle and takes time.
  • The lengthy servicing period results in system downtime and lost energy.

Inflexible system design

Inflexible system design

  • Most solar systems cannot be retrofitted with energy storage.
  • This limitation eliminates future smart home integration.
  • The opportunity to further save on utility bills is lost and system payback is slowed.

What makes the Power+ Solution a superior choice?

The Power+ Solution solves the problems that other PV systems can’t. Homeowners and installers alike benefit from superior reliability, a proactive service strategy and the ability to future-proof a home with flexible energy storage opportunities.

Greater reliability

Greater reliability

  • SMA ShadeFix optimization operates more efficiently and creates greater energy production.
  • Very few components are needed on the roof to achieve greater system reliability and NEC 2017 compliance.

Smart service technology

Smart service technology

  • SMA solar systems include smart, proactive service technology.
  • Issues are communicated automatically and servicing is seamless.
  • Quick resolution means system energy production is maximized, which has a positive financial impact.

Future proof, smart home ready

Future proof, smart home ready

  • SMA systems can be retrofitted with energy storage any time.
  • They feature future-proof technology that is smart home ready.
  • Utility bills are further reduced and system payback is accelerated.

Flexible, future-proof solutions
Are you interested in adding storage to your solar system?
Our storage options can be retrofitted at any time!

Flexible, future-proof solutions - SMA Energy System

Recommended Products

System components for Solar Power System

SUNNY BOY 3.0-US-41 - 7.7-US-41

SUNNY BOY 3.0-US-41 - 7.7-US-41

The Sunny Boy 3.0-US/ 3.8-US/ 5.0-US/ 6.0-US/ 7.0-US/ 7.7-US join the SMA lineup of field-proven solar technology backed by the world’s #1 service team, along with a wealth of improvements. Simple design, improved stocking and ordering, value-driven sales support and streamlined installation are just some of the ways that SMA helps your business operate more efficiently. And, Sunny Boy’s superior integration with the innovative Power+ Solution means installers have even more flexibility in addressing their toughest challenges. Finally, SMA Smart Connected will automatically detect errors and initiate the repair and replacement process so that installers can reduce service calls and save time and money.

More about the Sunny Boy-US-41


SMA Sunny Portal

Sunny Portal

Monitor your investment and access system information from anywhere using an Internet connection.

More about the Sunny Portal

SMA Service

SMA is the only solar inverter supplier with systems in operation exceeding 20 years. This enduring quality is due to advanced German engineering and superior craftsmanship. Compared to other inverter manufacturers that offer long, limited warranties, SMA guarantees its products with full coverage up to 20 years. Third-party research has noted SMA as offering the U.S.’s most preferred solar inverter service and warranty program.

SMA Service for Solar Power System