Discover a new level of PV performance.

SMA Repowering: Simply MORE.

Simply MORE potential

Photovoltaic power plants are the basis of our future energy supply. PV technology is continually evolving, and so do PV power plant components, services and software. SMA Repowering makes sure your plant is ready for more performance. Trust one partner to modernize your international PV power plant projects today to outperform tomorrow.

  • Higher energy yields

  • Reduced operating costs

  • Increased investment security

  • Full service for entire PV plant lifecycle

Simply MORE performance

Achieve the highest availability and significantly increase yield from your solar plant project.

At SMA we put ourselves in your shoes to find the best Repowering solution for PV plants. The combined effort of our engineering skills, hardware development and service teams offer you a full lifecycle solution. All services and products can be customized to best meet your needs.

MORE incentive

Simply MORE reasons

Your decision to repower your PV power plant today is influenced by multiple factors. Aging PV projects have increased maintenance demand or simply need an upgrade with new and optimized components, e.g. like new inverter technology and digital services. Outdated components, manufacturers leaving the market and new analysis and monitoring tools offer vast potential to improve performance and lower operating costs.

SMA Repowering scope

  • Performance & potential analysis

  • 360 degree technical inspection

  • Individual planning recommendation

  • Customized hardware solution

  • Modernization proposals

  • Digitalization for optimized monitoring & remote support

MORE flexibility and profitability

Size: 1.2 MW DC, 1.0 MW AC

Region: Spain, Tarragona

Increase in production capacity, performance, and installation security

11 100kW inverters were replaced by one
Sunny Central 1000CP-XT

Simply MORE service at your doorstep

No matter where you are, our repowering team is ready to take on the daily challenges of your renewable energy power plant across the globe.

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