SunSpec Certified Rapid Shutdown Technology

SMA inverters paired with SunSpec certified rapid shutdown technology are the simplest, most reliable way to achieve compliance with NEC 2017 while producing more energy than traditional optimizers.

Check SMA compatibility with your SunSpec certified shutdown devices

Access our compatibility document to ensure interoperability with your SunSpec certified devices and SMA inverters. Please refer to the compatibility document for updated information and specific model numbers.

View compatibility document

Optimized systems with faster installation and more power

Fast, simple, powerful
SMA residential solutions feature our proprietary ShadeFix technology paired with a SunSpec certified shutdown device, which third party testing has shown produces more power. It's also the fastest, simplest installation of any residential PV solution on the market.

  • Fewest system components, fastest installation and powerline communication

  • Improved residential solution features ShadeFix, SMA’s proprietary technology that optimizes system performance

  • Most cost-effective NEC 2017 compliance when paired with SMA’s SunSpec certified shutdown device

  • SMA ShadeFix technology provides superior power production with a reduced component count versus competitors, which provides maximum reliability

  • No other optimized solution generates more power or is as easy to install as systems featuring SMA ShadeFix and SunSpec certified devices

Sunspec Rapid Shutdown Device

The easy module level rapid shutdown solution