Comprehensive Commercial Energy Solutions - Holistic systems that address energy supply, demand and management

Next-generation commercial PV systems are much more than a way to offset energy costs. They are true energy solutions, revolutionizing the way businesses participate in energy markets. From generation to load usage, commercial solutions from SMA allow plant owners an unmatched level of monitoring and control including the ability to participate in the energy trading market of the future, opening untapped revenue streams.

SMA Commercial Solution - Superior commercial energy generation and management

The SMA Commercial Solution
Superior commercial energy generation and management

Sunny Tripower CORE1

The Sunny Tripower series: optimized for commercial PV applications
The Sunny Tripower is a field-proven commercial PV inverter with more than 15 GW installed worldwide. With new power classes, new functionality and options for repowering, the Sunny Tripower CORE1 is SMA’s latest addition to a successful portfolio of established commercial solutions.

  • Sunny Tripower TL-US series
  • Sunny Tripower CORE1 33 kW
  • Sunny Tripower CORE1 50 kW
  • Sunny Tripower CORE1 62 kW
SMA Sunny Tripower CORE1 - SunSpec Rapid Shutdown certified
Advanced technology for maximum safety

Advanced technology for maximum safety
SunSpec compatible inverter technology in conjunction with SunSpec certified shutdown devices give integrators a cost-effective way to achieve compliance with the NEC 2017 module-level shutdown requirements. Further addressing safety in commercial PV systems, SMA inverters also include advanced AFCI compliant to new Standard UL 1699B for arc fault protection.

SunSpec certified shutdown device
Superior communication and control

Superior communication and control
In combination with Sunny Portal powered by ennexOS, an Internet-of-things (IoT) platform that manages all energy generation sources and data on a single platform, the Data Manager M is the ideal solution for commercial system owners and operators. It optimizes communication, monitoring and control of decentralized PV systems for up to 50 devices.

    The Data Manager M features quick, intuitive commissioning and can be flexibly expanded to satisfy new requirements and changing customer needs via software releases.
    The world’s #1 PV monitoring portal (according to GTM Research) provides unmatched visibility into plant performance and allows system and inverter parameters to be changed remotely.
  • ennexOS
    This award-winning software solution provides a path to future energy trading business models and new revenue streams. The ennexOS platform is the ideal energy management solution for system owners and operators alike.
Superior communication and control - Data Manager M & Sunny Portal
Proactive service strategy

Proactive service strategy
In addition to leading O&M services and the industry’s number one service team, SMA has brought proven technology from the residential market to our new commercial solutions. SMA Smart Connected is a proactive O&M solution that saves integrators time and money while maximizing system owners’ ROI. In fact, this technology can cut truck rolls in half and save system owners up to $6 million in service costs across the lifetime of a 100 MW portfolio.

Proactive service strategy
The commercial PV safety landscape

The Commercial PV Safety Landscape

NEC 2017 690.12 rapid shutdown requirements

Section 690.12 of the National Electric Code further advances previous rapid shutdown requirements. PV equipment manufacturers have approached this code requirement with various methods, however, most current solutions remain complicated and costly. In order to reduce costs, maintain a high level of safety and continue to grow the PV industry as a whole, simplification and standardization of rapid shutdown technology is critical.

SunSpec Alliance

The SunSpec Alliance

The SunSpec Alliance is a wellrespected trade group whose mission is to accelerate the growth of the distributed energy industry and expand the market for renewable power. More than 100 leading organizations are SunSpec Alliance participants and are investing in growing industry standardization. To date, the SunSpec Alliance has successfully introduced dozens of information and communication standards that have been adopted industry-wide.

The SunSpec Alliance recently introduced a method to achieve NEC 2017 module-level shutdown compliance through the use of power line communications (PLC). Titled the SunSpec Communication Signal for Rapid Shutdown Interoperability Specification, this open standard is designed to lower integration costs and deliver a variety of interoperable products to PV professionals. More than 30 companies actively contributed to the development of this particular standard, including SMA.

The SMA Safety Solution
Achieving compliance with NEC 2017 module-level rapid shutdown

The CORE1 PV inverter and the module-level shutdown devices combine to ensure PV systems comply with the latest 2017 NEC rapid shutdown requirements. The CORE1’s industry leading safety features have been further enhanced with support for the new SunSpec PLC signal for module-level rapid shutdown. Based on this industry standard, the Sunny Tripower CORE1 and SunSpec certified shutdown devices provide the most reliable, cost-effective solution to achieve compliance with 2017 NEC module-level rapid shutdown requirements in commercial rooftop systems.

How does the solution work?

How does the solution work?

  • The CORE1 inverter transmits the SunSpec PLC “stay alive” signal over the connected PV string conductors—no additional communications wiring or devices are needed
  • The shutdown devices install quickly and easily without tools, and go into operation immediately without additional commissioning effort
  • Rapid shutdown is initiated when the PV system is disconnected from the AC grid by opening the main PV system disconnect—no additional initiation buttons, communication controllers or wiring are required
  • Initiating rapid shutdown de-energizes all controlled DC conductors outside and inside the array within 30 seconds in accordance with 2017 NEC 690.12
  • Once connection to the AC grid is restored, the PV system returns to normal operation without any additional actions required

Advanced AFCI Technology
Next-generation arc-fault protection for increased safety

Advanced AFCI Technology

Further addressing safety in commercial PV systems, SMA’s new line of Sunny Tripower CORE1 inverters also include advanced AFCI compliant to new Standard UL 1699B for arc fault protection.

SMA’s advanced AFCI technology offers a wealth of benefits including:

  • Uninterrupted operation with reduced nuisance tripping
  • Greater reliability in detection and interruption of PV array wiring faults
  • Identifying potential fire hazards and putting the PV array into a safe state before faults can escalate, which avoids extensive damage to the PV system and building
  • Intelligent detection algorithm that distinguishes actual arc-fault frequency patterns from other common signal noise on PV DC lines—including SunSpec PLC signal, on-site equipment, motor noise emissions and radio transmission noise

Perfectly harmonized components for commercial PV systems

SMA Sunny Tripower CORE1 - SunSpec Rapid Shutdown certified

Sunny Tripower CORE1
A new design for PV inverters

The world's first freestanding string inverter for decentralized rooftop and ground-based PV systems. The unique design and innovative installation method of this 50 kW inverter reduces installation time by 60%.

Learn more about the Sunny Tripower CORE1

Sunny Highpower PEAK3

Sunny Highpower PEAK3

Learn how the PEAK3 can achieve superior economics in ground-mount projects with 480 VAC interconnections.

Learn more about Sunny Highpower PEAK3

SMA Data Manager M - ennexOS

SMA Data Manager M
Communication unit for the PV systems of the future

Future-proof communication for decentralized PV systems.

Learn more about the Data Manager M

SMA Sunny Portal

Sunny Portal
Online monitoring portal for PV systems

With the online portal for central monitoring, PV system operators do not only save time and money but also always have access to essential data.

Learn more about Sunny Portal

SMA O&M Services

SMA O&M Services
Long-term, reliable operating times for commercial PV systems

With more than 50 GW of installed power and services in 20 markets worldwide, SMA O & M services offer advanced PV inverter and PV system expertise.

Learn more about SMA O&M services

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