TS4-R Module Technology - Power with a Purpose
TS4-R Module Technology

TS4-R Module Technology Where to Buy

Highest energy yields - Lowest costs

The TS4 modular platform is a unique plug-and-play concept that enables customized functionality with a simple exchange of a cover featuring integrated power electronics. The TS4 is available in module integrated versions from leading suppliers and retrofit models available exclusively from SMA.

Optimized for Speed, Value

  • Fewest system components, fastest installation, and powerline communication
  • Most cost-effective NEC 2017 compliance when paired with the SunSpec certified TS4-R-F module-level shutdown device
  • String level optimization with OptiTrac™ Global Peak maximum power point tracking provides greater overall value and granular monitoring

TS4-R - Optimized for Security

  • Module-level monitoring through the #1 ranked portal worldwide
  • 50% faster commissioning through a single online interface

Optimized for Ultimate Performance

  • Performance gains through granularlevel shade mitigation
  • Greatest redundancy and insurance against power loss
  • Secure Power Supply provides homeowners with greater energy security in the event of a blackout
  • Most detailed monitoring technology

Fast and easy installation

No DC optimizer or microinverter technology is as simple or fast to install at the TS4-R platform. It can be applied to address project specific needs such as:

  • Optimization for complex roof structures and partial shading
  • Shutdown code requirements
  • Module-level monitoring

With TS4-R, installers can benefit from significant time savings compared to other DC optimizer and microinverter technologies. With no additional tools, the TS4-R solution can be quickly and easily mounted to a module in the warehouse or directly on the construction site. This simplifies logistics and reduces installation time.

  • Save up to 90 minutes on a fully-optimized residential system

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