TS4-R Module Technology - The New Speed of Solar
TS4-R Module Technology

TS4-R Module Technology Where to Buy

Highest energy yields - Lowest costs

The TS4 modular platform is a unique plug-and-play concept that enables customized functionality with a simple exchange of a cover featuring integrated power electronics. Functionality increases from Diodes to Long Strings, with each cover including new benefits in addition to the functionality of the preceding cover. The TS4 is available in module integrated versions from leading suppliers and retrofit models available exclusively from SMA.

Highest energy yields – Lowest costs

Fast and easy installation

No DC optimizer or microinverter technology is as simple or fast to install at the TS4-R platform. It can be applied to address project specific needs such as:

  • Optimization for complex roof structures and partial shading
  • Shutdown code requirements
  • Module-level monitoring

With TS4-R, installers can benefit from significant time savings compared to other DC optimizer and microinverter technologies. With no additional tools, the TS4-R solution can be quickly and easily mounted to a module in the warehouse or directly on the construction site. This simplifies logistics and reduces installation time.

  • Save up to 90 minutes on a fully-optimized residential system

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With the SMA Power+ Solution, we have combined legendary SMA inverter performance and intelligent DC module-level electronics in one cost-effective, comprehensive package.

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