SUNNY BOY 3.0-US-41 – 7.7-US-41: The Sunny Boy-US series features ShadeFix optimization!
SUNNY BOY 3.0-US-41 – 7.7-US-41

SUNNY BOY 3.0-US-41 – 7.7-US-41 Where to buy

SUNNY BOY 3.0-US / 3.8-US / 5.0-US / 6.0-US / 7.0-US / 7.7-US

The residential PV market is changing rapidly. Your bottom line matters more than ever—so we’ve designed a superior residential solution to help you decrease costs at every stage of your business operations. The Sunny Boy 3.0-US/3.8-US/5.0-US/6.0-US/7.0-US/7.7-US join the SMA lineup of field-proven solar technology backed by the world’s #1 service team, along with a wealth of improvements.

The newest Sunny Boy-US now brings even more value- added features to the Power+ Solution, including:

  • SMA ShadeFix optimization offers superior energy production with a reduced component count versus traditional optimizers, which provides maximum reliability
  • SunSpec certified rapid shutdown technology is the simplest way to achieve compliance with NEC 2017
  • Advanced AFCI compliant to new Standard UL 1699B Ed.1 for arc fault protection – delivering improved safety and reliability while allowing for automatic resetting
  • Streamline your business operations and provide added value to your customers with SMA Smart Connected
  • California Rule 21 compliance is fast and easy! Check the Downloads tab for configuration files
SUNNY BOY 3.0-US-41 - 7.7-US-41 is SunSpec Rapid Shutdown certified

Click the “Downloads” tab for the latest:

  • Firmware updates
  • Technical documentation
  • And more!

Looking for previous generation firmware updates?

Check SMA compatibility with your SunSpec certified shutdown devices

Access our compatibility document to ensure interoperability with your SunSpec certified devices and SMA inverters. Please note, the APsmart dual-module shutdown device is currently compatible with the Sunny Boy and will soon be compatible with the Sunny Tripower CORE1. Please refer to the compatibility document for updated information and specific model numbers.

View compatibility document  →

PV performance optimization with SMA ShadeFix

Did you know PV solutions with SMA ShadeFix optimization outperform traditional module-level optimizers? SMA’s propriety technology produces more power, speeds installation, reduces service requirements, and improves safety.

Learn more on SMA ShadeFix

SMA ShadeFix - The next level of PV performance optimization

SMA’s SunSpec certified shutdown device

SMA’s SunSpec certified rapid shutdown device offers the fastest, most reliable, and safest method for complying with NEC 2017 690.12. Using far fewer components than more complex alternatives, SMA’s SunSpec certified shutdown device is a plug-and-play solution that operates on a simple powerline signal, reducing commissioning requirements. The device operates on the industry standard SunSpec rapid shutdown signal, improving performance and reliability.

For more information on the SunSpec rapid shutdown standard or the SunSpec Alliance, click here.

Find more information on SMA Inverted.

Sunny Boy US is rapid shutdown certified
SMA’s SunSpec certified rapid shutdown devices

What is SMA Smart Connected?

However infrequent they occur, service calls can be lengthy, unnecessary and will most certainly impact a PV installer’s bottom line. SMA’s new Smart Connected feature offers a proactive solution that saves installers time and money while maximizing system owners’ power production. This fully-automated functionality requires only a simple activation in Sunny Portal and a residential PV system will immediately benefit from SMA’s intelligent monitoring technology. No other solar solutions provider can offer this level of investment security, making SMA the ideal partner for residential PV.

How does SMA Smart Connected work?

Activation of SMA Smart Connected

Activation of SMA Smart Connected
During registration of the system in Sunny Portal, the installer simply checks a box to activate SMA Smart Connected which commences automatic inverter monitoring by SMA.

Automatic inverter monitoring

Automatic inverter monitoring
SMA automatically monitors the inverter to identify events around-the-clock. Both installers and their customers benefit from SMA's many years of experience diagnosing sophisticated inverter technology.

Proactive communication

Proactive communication
After a fault has been diagnosed and analyzed, SMA informs the installer and PV system operator immediately by email. So all parties are proactively prepared for the troubleshooting process ensuring minimum downtime and reducing truck roll costs.

Replacement Service

Replacement Service
In the rare event that a replacement component is necessary, SMA automatically supplies a replacement component within one to three days of the fault diagnosis. The installer can then contact the PV system operator of his/her own accord and repair the inverter immediately.

SMA Cellular LTE Modem Kit


The SMA Cellular LTE Modem Kit allows for direct data transmission between the Sunny Boy inverter to the cloud based Sunny Portal via a cellular network as an alternative to data transmission via Ethernet or WLAN.


SMA Revenue Grade Meter Kit

SMA Revenue Grade Meter Kit

SMA Revenue Grade Meter Kit is a revenue-grade energy meter designed for monitoring Sunny Boy inverter production with a 0.5% degree of accuracy.


SMA Modbus interface

Modbus Protocol Interface

SMA Modbus interfaces provide support for the industry standard protocol for communications between electronic devices. Modbus interfaces enable the integration of SMA products with products from other suppliers for system monitoring and control.


External WLAN Antenna

External WLAN Antenna

The external antenna extension kit increases the inverter's WLAN range to overcome site conditions which inhibit wireless signals and to ensure reliable wireless communications with the network router.

Technical Information
SunSpec Certified Rapid Shutdown Devices
Download PDF

emanual: SUNNY BOY 3.0-US / 3.8-US / 5.0-US / 6.0-US / 7.0-US / 7.7-US

Now the user manual is also available as

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