Sunny Boy Smart Energy

The hybrid inverter at the heart of the SMA Energy System, with three backup options

Sunny Boy Smart Energy 3.8-US / 4.8-US / 5.8-US / 7.7-US / 9.6-US / 11.4-US

For over 40 years, SMA has made using solar energy easier and more efficient. The SMA Energy System Home continues this tradition, empowering homeowners to generate and use even more sustainable energy. At the heart of the system is the new ground-breaking hybrid inverter, the Sunny Boy Smart Energy which enables both immediate energy use and energy storage in a single device, with three available backup options. The Sunny Boy Smart Energy shines with its high-speed battery charging capability. Conventional charging performance is challenged during transitional months by few hours of sunshine and plenty of cloud cover, but Sunny Boy Smart Energy’s fast charging allows more solar power to be harvested and stored in those few hours, ready to power loads and reduce energy costs.

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Ultimate flexibility

  • Larger power classes

  • Up to 4 MPPT optimizing channels

  • 200% DC/AC design capability

  • Hybrid, PV only, and AC coupling in one

Easy installation

  • Smaller and lighter, eases mounting

  • 2-in-1 solution that saves time, wall space, and electrical upgrades

  • SunSpec Certified Rapid Shutdown transmitter built-in

Complete reliability

  • No need for complex microinverters and optimizers

  • 10-year warranty, extendable to 25

  • Energy security with or without the need for a battery

Quick commissioning

  • Intuitive SMA 360° app saves installers time and money

  • Scan, tap, and connect multiple devices from your mobile device or tablet

  • Step-by-step commissioning guide

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