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Sunny Tripower X

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Sunny Tripower X is the new innovative inverter solution for commercial PV systems. Providing three MPP trackers with SMA ShadeFix string optimization technology for optimal PV array design flexibility and maximum energy yields. SMA’s proven integrated rapid shutdown support and reliable DC AFCI arc-fault protection ensure enhanced system safety. And now with the new integrated System Manager, powered by SMA’s ennexOS cross-sector energy management platform, Sunny Tripower X becomes the centerpiece of the SMA Energy System Business for comprehensive commercial energy systems now and in the future.

Integrated system manager

  • Monitoring and control for up to 5 inverters (max. 150 kVA)
  • Remote access with Sunny Portal powered by ennexOS
  • SMA Dynamic Power Control

Enhanced safety

  • Integrated SunSpec PLC signal for module-level shutdown
  • Advanced DC AFCI arc-fault protection
  • Optional DC type 2 and type 1+2 surge protection

Maximum yields

  • Three MPP trackers for flexible array design
  • SMA ShadeFix string level optimization
  • Intelligent string performance monitoring and I-V curve diagnostics

Smart monitoring, control, service

  • SMA Smart Connected proactive monitoring and service solution
  • SMA ennexOS cross-sector energy management platform
  • Centerpiece of the proven SMA Energy System Business
We will be happy to advise you on your PV projects.

We will be happy to advise you
on your PV projects.

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