MVPS 5000 / 5500

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The Medium Voltage Power Station (MVPS) is the ideal medium voltage solution for power plants utilizing SMA‘s state-of-the-art inverter technology. It can be integrated with two Sunny Central 2500-EV(-US) or 2750-EV(-US) solar inverters or Sunny Central Storage inverters. It provides up to 5,000 kVA or 5,500 kVA of power with one 4-winding medium voltage transformer, compactly integrated on a 36‘ x 8’ 6“ steel platform. This turnkey solution offers integrators simplified field integration, reduced labor costs and quick commissioning. Designed for maximum flexibility and individually configured to meet the unique needs of any power plant, SMA’s Medium Voltage Power Station offers a multitude of customizable options to address the needs of both utilityscale PV and storage plants.

Reduced risk

  • Design based on more than 10 GW of field-proven Sunny Central inverters in North America
  • Optimally suited to extreme ambient conditions

Turnkey solution

  • Plug and play concept simplifies field integration
  • Completely pre-assembled for easy setup and commissioning


  • Transformer optimized for PV use with robust optional feature set
  • Design life of 25 years and the industry’s #1 service team minimize OPEX considerations


  • Suitable for all medium voltage grids from 12 kV to 35 kV
  • Compatible with 1,500 VDC Sunny Central or Sunny Central Storage inverters in both 2500-EV-US and 2750-EV-US versions