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The MV Power Station is a globally deliverable turnkey solution that features the robust new Sunny Central inverter and matching medium-voltage components. It represents the ultimate in compactness with 1,000 VDC (2,200 kW) or 1,500 VDC (2,500 kW). Being the ideal choice for large-scale PV power plants, the integrated 20 foot container station is quick to assemble and commission as well as easy and cost-effective to transport. The compact station itself (IEC 62271-202) and all its components are type-tested. The MV Power Station combines rigorous plant safety with maximum energy yield and minimized operating risk. The MV Power Station’s components are completely pre-installed and commissioned to speed up station commissioning as much as possible.


  • For 1,000 VDC and 1,500 VDC system voltages
  • For all medium-voltage grids from 6.6 kV to 33 kV
  • Various options


  • Station and all individual components type-tested
  • 5-year statutory warranty
  • Optimally suited to extreme ambient conditions

Easy to Use

  • Full plug & play
  • Completely pre-assembled for easy set-up and connection
  • Pre-installed and mechanically protected cabling


  • Easy planning and installation
  • High power density per m³ for maximum profitability
  • Transported worldwide in standard 20 foot container