Accelerate your return on investment

A properly maintained solar system can increase yield up to 30%, accelerating investment payback. SMA is eager to help you achieve that return with our world-class, system-wide O&M services for commercial and utility systems.


Real-Time remote monitoring

To ensure maximum ROI, it is important to have a watchful and proactive eye on your investment. In addition to our superior inverter technology, the SMA Solar Monitoring Center utilizes advanced, real-time monitoring capabilities to analyze performance, detect potential issues, and resolve matters remotely or dispatch field service engineers to get your system back on track quickly. Allow us to save you time by managing maintenance schedules as well as tracking and reporting on warranty claims and financial information.

Risk reduction

Time is money, so module soiling, compromised wiring, shading caused by overgrowth and other plant-wide risks can all have a negative impact on your bottom line. Already the world’s largest servicer of solar inverters, SMA can further help you mitigate risk factors by proactively identifying potential issues and addressing them before they can impact PV plant performance.



With our ability to effectively address both commercial and utility-scale O&M, SMA has the strength and experience to adapt to your requirements and service a diverse portfolio of PV investments while consistently delivering a high level of performance.

Experience and Expertise

With more than 850 service experts, 90 service hubs, 30 plus GW installed globally and thousands of commercial and utility projects completed worldwide - the numbers say it all. SMA is the PV industry’s best financial backstop and long-term partner who places your success as our #1 priority.


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