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Operations & Maintenance

A properly maintained solar system can accelerate investment payback and increase yields by up to 30 percent. Having a watchful and proactive eye on your investment is vital to ensuring maximum ROI. With our world-class, plant-wide O&M services for commercial, utility and storage systems, SMA is uniquely positioned to help you achieve greater returns faster and ensure maximum system uptime.

Scalable O&M Plans to Suit Any Business Model

With our ability to effectively address both commercial and utility-scale O&M, SMA has the strength and experience to adapt to your requirements and service a diverse portfolio of PV investments while consistently delivering a high level of performance.

SMA Operations & Maintenance
SMA Operations & Maintenance


For commercial and utility systems

The SMA Preventative plan includes manufacturer preventative maintenance and a visual inspection of the array and BoS components such as combiner boxes, disconnects, and Data Acquisition Systems (DAS). Thermal scans on all electrical DC wiring, inverters, e-housing, pad-mounted transformers, and other electrical equipment identify anomalies. Torque checks and DAS maintenance are also included. Expert advice is provided through remote system monitoring with 24/7 customer support, while a written maintenance summary after each visit and an annual maintenance report provide complete documentation.


For commercial and utility systems

Expanding upon the essential service components of the Preventative plan, the Proactive plan adds in a 24-hour emergency response time and written report for emergency care. Spare parts inventory management simplifies maintenance planning and preserves uptime in the event of an unforeseen mechanical issue. Warranty administration allows for greater focus on revenue-generating activities. System performance is improved through regularly scheduled sub-system testing and verification, real-time monitoring, thermography and calibration services.


The premium option for utility plants

The Performance plan builds upon the Proactive scope of services and delivers the ultimate in O&M support. A complete system design review and 30- day validation test, annual performance ratio guarantees, and enhanced management and reporting provide system owners with an optimum level of long-term security. By leveraging the collective expertise of SMA service engineering, owners benefit from a plan that encompasses all necessary service components to generate bankable guarantees, virtually eliminating risk altogether.

Supplemental Services

Sometimes even the smallest issues can cause significant challenges that negatively impact your bottom line. In addition to SMA’s superior O&M plans, we also offer individual services that can be integrated in a flexible fashion, resulting in a highly customized O&M solution. Beyond our technical services, SMA offers pest management, array cleaning, system security and system-wide vegetation control among other services. Not only will our services meet your needs, we’re ready to discuss any additional unique requirements you may have regarding regulatory compliance, on-site staffing, or advanced reporting.

SMA Operations & Maintenance - Supplemental Services

Energy Storage O&M

Proactive inspection and maintenance is crucial to system uptime and availability. SMA offers comprehensive services on batteries, BMS, energy storage inverters, communications devices and MV/HV equipment on the plant to ensure problems are identified upfront and downtime risk is minimized.

SMA Operations & Maintenance - Energy Storage O&M

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