Your SMA Energy System at a glance.

SMA Energy App

Stay up to date with the SMA Energy app

Keep an eye on your Energy System at all times

Visualize your energy

Solar power generation and usage, grid-supplied power and battery state of charge.

Optimize and manage energy flows

Recommendations for economical energy supply.

Get a better overview

Visualize your energy

  • View solar power production and usage

  • Daily and historical figures

  • Overview of residual current usage

  • Display battery state of charge (if available)

  • View your carbon footprint

Make your energy supply sustainable

  • View up-to-date forecasts for solar power production

  • Follow recommended actions for optimized energy use

  • Reduce grid-supplied power and save on electricity costs

How you benefit

The app that gives you perspective

Monitor and manage all appliances

Greater independence and protection from rising energy prices

Conserve resources and help further the energy transition

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