Compact Medium Voltage Block optimized for integration with the Sunny Central

Medium Voltage Block 1850-US-2.0 / 2200-US-2.0 / 2500-US-2.0 / 2750-US-2.0

Compact Medium Voltage Block optimized for integration with the Sunny Central

The Medium Voltage Block is the perfect partner for the Sunny Central inverter and has been specifically designed to offer the lowest installed cost. Convenient kitted components offer vastly simplified field integration while eliminating the need for skid solutions that can increase logistical complexity. Transformer monitoring facilitated through the inverter MODBUS reports analog values for temperature and pressure, which enables trend-based predictive maintenance. The new Medium Voltage Block further advances the level of integration in SMA’s Utility Power System, creating the lowest risk, highest return utility PV solution available.

Your benefits

Cost Optimized

  • High level of system integration eliminates the need to purchase additional equipment and the labor costs associated with field wiring

  • Optimized footprint is 22% smaller than previous version, saving on transportation, logistical and material costs

  • Improved alignment tool simplifies accuracy of MVB landing, optimizing labor hours and reducing the margin for error and potential rework activities

  • Simplified AC busway is based on field-proven IEC design, which provides a solution for global deployment and standardization of installation training

Advanced Technology

  • The new MVB design incorporates mechanical improvements resulting in reduced integration efforts, eliminating the complexity that has previously driven the market towards skidded solutions

  • Tracker Auxiliary Rack (TAR) power distribution accessory has been designed for simple plug & play connection to the MV transformer, eliminating any additional field wiring

  • Reduced complexity in the AC bus bar kit creates a mechanically optimized solution for close coupling between the MVB and Sunny Central while accelerating installation velocity

Reduced Risk

  • Rapid field deployment and simple installation mitigate the risk of project delays and liquidated damages

  • Greater supply capacity of the MVB reduces delivery lead times

  • SMA’s real-time 24/7 remote monitoring capabilities ensure your system continues to perform as expected, keeping your revenue and profitability on track

  • Support from SMA’s expert team at every phase of the project including design, construction, commissioning and throughout the plant’s operational life

  • Sophisticated transformer monitoring reports analog temperature and pressure values, protecting your investment from potential downtime

Superior Service

  • Wide-ranging, flexible service options to support your unique business model throughout every stage of a PV plant’s lifecycle

  • The new MVB was designed for maximum reliability and serviceability for PV applications with a 25 year life

  • Industry-leading, plant-wide O&M service performed by a highly trained team with extensive PV specific experience

  • Transformer monitoring enables trend-based predictive maintenance which can considerably reduce O&M complexity

  • The #1 service offering in the PV industry, as recognized by IMS research, with experience servicing an installed base of more than 50 GW

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