Sunny Central UP

Step UP your expectations. Discover the next generation of PV power.

The Next Step UP. Sunny Central UP.

Step UP your performance

SMA’s most powerful system with an output power of up to 4,600 kVA for large-scale PV plants offers the advantage of 17% to 54% fewer inverters. With the Sunny Central UP, you benefit from significant cost reductions on transportation, installation, commissioning and service. In addition, reducing self-consumption by a total of 53% will lead to a considerable decrease in operation costs.

Separate voltage supply and additional space are available for the installation of customer equipment. True 1,500 V DC technology and our improved intelligent cooling system OptiCool™ ensure smooth operation even at extreme temperatures and with a service life of 25 years.

Step UP your objectives


  • Up to 4 inverters in a standard shipping container

  • Overdimensioning up to 150% is possible

  • Lower transportation, commissioning and service costs


  • Improved cooling system OptiCool™

  • Outdoor installation in all climatic regions

  • Service life of more than 25 years

Flexible and compact

  • Complies with global grid requirements

  • Reactive power on demand / at night

  • Also available as turnkey solution, including Medium Voltage Power Station

  • Integrated power supply for internal and external loads

Highest safety

  • New level of cybersecurity

  • Remote feature updates and diagnostics

DC coupling

  • Cost-efficient connection of battery-storage systems via DC coupling

  • No separate battery inverter, medium-voltage transformer or medium-voltage switchgear required

  • Improved system efficiency thanks to fewer conversion stages (PV -> battery -> utility grid)

  • Up to 6 DC inputs for DC-DC converters with batteries

  • Disconnecting the PV array for charging and discharging batteries at night

Increased global applications

As a global medium-voltage solution, the Sunny Central UP is the core of our turnkey system for PV power plants. It has been developed for worldwide use and complies with the highest international security standards. The Sunny Central UP Plug & Play System combines central inverter, transformer and storage solution in a compact unit. In addition to facilitating transportation, the system enables fast and trouble-free project commissioning in the power plant.

Step UP your cybersecurity requirements

With the Sunny Central UP, we set new safety standards for power plants across the globe. Regular remote updates ensure that the inverter is always well protected against cybersecurity attacks.

More flexibility with “plug-and-play” technology

  • Perfectly matched medium-voltage components for AC power conversion

  • Easy commissioning

  • Lower cost per watt

Sunny Central Up



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