SMA Sunny Tripower CORE1

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Key Benefits of the Sunny Tripower CORE1

The Sunny Tripower CORE1 has proven its worth in commercial PV and it continues to impress with new features and functions. Check out the key features below that make the CORE1 the preferred choice for commercial PV professionals.

Check SMA compatibility with your SunSpec certified shutdown devices

Access our compatibility document to ensure interoperability with your SunSpec certified devices and SMA inverters. Please note, the APsmart dual-module shutdown device is currently compatible with the Sunny Boy and will soon be compatible with the Sunny Tripower CORE1. Please refer to the compatibility document for updated information and specific model numbers.

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1) Unmatched System Visibility

Intelligent IV curve diagnostic

  • Test the health of the inverter’s strings during critical stages in the plant lifecycle (including commissioning and planned maintenance) and easily produce reports to relevant stakeholders (EPC, system owner, etc.)
  • Expedited diagnostics when compared to third party devices, which can add cost and complexity
  • Identifies deviations or changes in I-V curves that can be an indication of installation errors, faults or damage within the PV array that could adversely affect energy production of the PV system

Advanced String Monitoring

  • Benchmark granular power production data to ensure optimal system performance
  • Ensure all strings are operating as expected with automated production monitoring
I-V Curve Measurements with Sunny Tripower CORE1
SUNNY TRIPOWER CORE1-US - I-V Curve Diagnostic Function

I-V Curve Diagnostic Function

Download the technical paper

2) ShadeFix Optimization

  • The CORE1 features SMA ShadeFix optimization, which provides superior power production with a reduced component count versus alternatives, which provides maximum reliability
  • No other optimized commercial solution generates more power or is as easy to install as systems featuring SMA ShadeFix and SunSpec certified devices
  • A typical 50 kW commercial plant from SMA features approx. 30,000 components while a plant using traditional optimizers would require approx. 60,000 components
  • Reducing the number of components keeps potential sources of error to a minimum, ensuring the maximum lifetime of the PV system

Watch the ShadeFix video

Sunny Tripower CORE1 ShadeFix optimization

3) Superior Online Service Support

SMA Smart Connected

  • SMA Smart Connected offers a proactive solution that saves installers time and money while maximizing system owners’ power production
  • Comes standard with every inverter, requires only a simple activation process in Sunny Portal and can cut service truck rolls in half

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Sunny Portal

  • Enables access to SMA Smart Connected as well as automatic firmware updates, simplifying field service activities
  • Provides automatic reporting of plant data in daily, weekly or monthly production reports to the system owner
  • The absence of Sunny Portal activation removes valuable system visibility and tools that are needed for effective service support

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Online Service Center

  • Expedited resolution with self-solve documentation, FAQs and information on software updates
  • Simplified service activities across your installed base with access to all service cases in one location
  • Improved customer communication with the ability to schedule and track the status of cases and device delivery

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SMA Online Service Center

Up to 60% faster installation of commercial PV systems

The Sunny Tripower CORE1 is the world’s first free-standing string inverter for decentralized rooftop and ground-based PV systems as well as covered parking spaces. The groundbreaking new design allows reductions in installation time of up to 60% and, at the same time, lowers the total cost of ownership (OPEX).

Intersolar Award 2017
Smarter E Award 2018 - ennexOS

Top Performance and Maximum Efficiency Thanks to Innovative Design

The CORE1 is the third generation in the successful Sunny Tripower product family and is revolutionising the world of commercial inverters with its innovative design. SMA engineers developed an inverter that combines a unique design with an innovative installation method to significantly reduce installation time and provide all target groups with a maximum return on investment.

Scalability for Maximum Energy Yields

Scalability for Maximum Energy Yields

  • With power classes of 33.3, 50 and 62.5 kW, the Sunny Tripower CORE1 is scalable up to the megawatt range
  • The unique design enables over-dimensioning of a PV array of up to 150%
  • Six independent MPP trackers guarantee optimal energy production for every use, even in shading
Consistently Integrated Concept

Consistently Integrated Concept

  • The innovative, fully integrated design ensures low BoS costs, simpler processes and lower material expenses
  • Alongside the 12 direct string inputs, a DC disconnector and, as an option, AC and DC overvoltage protection are integrated
Efficient and Economical

Efficient and Economical

  • No additional mounting racks are required
  • Only a simple substructure is needed for other commercial PV applications
  • There are additional savings from the considerably lower expenditure on logistics, installation and materials
OptiCool™ Active Cooling System

OptiCool™ Active Cooling System

  • Ensures reliable operation and maximum energy production
  • Secures your investment in PV
  • Reduces maintenance costs due to its high-performance technology, which has proved its worth worldwide in over 50 GW of installed power
Fast, Easy Communication

Fast, Easy Communication

  • Integrated Wi-Fi interface enables access with any mobile device
  • Easy and uncomplicated configuration and commissioning with the SMA online assistant accelerate installation
Smooth Grid Integration

Smooth Grid Integration

  • Powerful PV system monitoring and control functions, SunSpec ModBus® compatibility and optional 24/7 remote monitoring
  • Reduces maintenance costs due to its high-performance technology, which has proved its worth worldwide in over 50 GW of installed power

The Future of Commercial PV Systems

From delivery and installation to operation, the Sunny Tripower CORE1 generates widespread savings in logistics, labor, materials and services. With integrated Wi-Fi access for fast commissioning, up-to-date plug-and-play communication and smart grid support functions, PV installations are quicker and easier to complete than ever before.

CORE1 rooftop installation

Achieve Cost Savings...
SUNNY TRIPOWER CORE1 for distributors

  • Flexible use with just one product
  • Worldwide platform for universal use
  • Fewer components and BoS components
  • Extensive support and service

Reduce Installation and Purchase Price...
SUNNY TRIPOWER CORE1 for EPCs and Developers

  • Plug-and-play concept
  • Faster installation and lower labor costs
  • Reduced material costs
  • Free tool for system planning

Ensure Top Performance...
SUNNY TRIPOWER CORE1 for energy providers

  • The lowest LCOE
  • Optional 24/7 remote monitoring thanks to SMA’s number one rated service team, worldwide
  • An effective interface for customer monitoring
  • Intelligent grid management service

Watch the installation video

SMA’s SunSpec certified shutdown device

SMA’s SunSpec certified rapid shutdown device offers the fastest, most reliable, and safest method for complying with NEC 2017 690.12. Using far fewer components than more complex alternatives, SMA’s SunSpec certified shutdown device is a plug-and-play solution that operates on a simple powerline signal, reducing commissioning requirements. The device operates on the industry standard SunSpec rapid shutdown signal, improving performance and reliability.

SMA SunSpec Certified Rapid Shutdown Technology

For more information on the SunSpec rapid shutdown standard or the SunSpec Alliance, click here.

Find more information on SMA Inverted.

Sunny Tripower CORE1 is rapid shutdown certified
SMA’s SunSpec certified rapid shutdown devices

Fast Installation and Grid Integration

Cutting-edge configuration and communication with the SMA online assistant and SMA Web browser access via WLAN with any mobile device. Two Ethernet ports with ModBus® TCP (including SunSpec) ensure smooth communication even in large-scale PV plants.

Fast Installation and Grid Integration

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SMA Modbus interface

Modbus Protocol Interface

SMA Modbus interfaces provide support for the industry standard protocol for communications between electronic devices. Modbus interfaces enable the integration of SMA products with products from other suppliers for system monitoring and control.


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SMA offers surge protection device (SPD) modules for inverter AC and DC connections in either Type 2 or Type 1+2 protection levels to protect the inverter from sudden voltage surges and spikes caused by lightning or grid switching events. These SPD modules are completely field serviceable and may be added or replaced at any time during the PV system service life to help reduce costly downtime due to the damaging effects of transient events.

Sensor Module

Sensor Module for monitoring the system

With the SMA Sensor Module external weather sensors for solar irradiation, ambient and module temperature, and wind speed can be connected directly to the inverter, eliminating the need for a separate weather station datalogger and enclosure. Sensor data logged by the inverter is available in SMA Sunny Portal and through the inverter's Modbus protocol interfaces.

Universal Mounting System (UMS)


The Universal Mounting System (UMS) provides a simple, efficient solution for mounting the Sunny Tripower CORE1 inverter to a wall or other fixed structure. Assembles quickly and provides a secure platform for mounting the inverter.

External WLAN Antenna

External WLAN Antenna

The external antenna extension kit increases the inverter's WLAN range to overcome site conditions which inhibit wireless signals and to ensure reliable wireless communications with the network router.

RS485 interface module

RS485 interface module

The RS485 Module is the ideal solution for expansion of existing PV systems that already use RS485 communication. The RS485 module provides compatibility to the SMA RS485 fieldbus communication for reliable connection to a data logger with a cable length of up to 1,200 meters.

emanual: Sunny Tripower CORE1

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