PV Diesel Hybrid Application Santiago, Dominican Republic

Minimizing Fuel Costs and CO2 emissions with the SMA Fuel Save Solution

Hybrid energy supply for an automotive parts distribution center in Santiago, Dominican Republic

Importadora La Plaza is a highly competitive organization renowned for high quality and superior customer service. One of the largest importers and distributors in the Dominican market, it offers solutions across the full automotive spectrum, plus bicycle industries. It supplies high quality spare parts, accessories, tires and lubricants across the entire national territory.

The Dominican renewable company “Rensa Renewable Energy, S.R.L” proposed several energy saving initiatives, including an element that called for the integration of the SMA Fuel Save Controller. The Importadora La Plaza facilities consist of a public grid connection and two genset systems, providing a great opportunity for the integration of PV.

The SMA Fuel Save Controller takes advantage of the PV system during power supply from the public grid, as well during genset operation, offering two positive effects. During the load supply from the public grid it reduces the amount of electricity being purchased to meet the existing grid requirements and during genset operation it significantly reduces the fuel consumption.

System Information
Location: Santiago, Dominican Republic
Coordinates: 19°28'34''N, 70°41'3.9''W
Commissioning: December 2014
EPC: RENSA Renewable Energy, S.R.L
Operator: Importadora La Plaza
Annual diesel savings: approx. 33.000 liters

System Size
Installed PV Power: 299 kWp
Diesel Generators: 1 x 225 kVa, 1 x 394 kVa
Public Grid

PV System Technology
12 SMA Sunny Tripower STP 24000 TL-US
SMA Fuel Save Controller

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