Decentralized Solutions

Commercial PV plant owners rely on consistent production to maximize their return on their investment. SMA Service offers numerous ways to backstop performance. Whether it’s technical support, a class-leading warranty program, or plant-wide O&M, SMA has the right service to meet any need.

Service and More

Exceptional service that pays off

SMA takes great care to ensure that your PV system is supported throughout its entire life-cycle. Our flexible service offerings are designed to support solar power professionals of all skill levels in projects both large and small. Whether its system design utilizing our award winning Sunny Design software or troubleshooting an inverter in the field with the help of the SMA service line, we’ll be here for you.

The SMA service line

Get expert support for your technical needs. Find our contact info on the right side of this page and give us a call or send us an email. We’re happy to help with questions on a wide variety of topics including:

  • Commissioning
  • Use of our communication hardware and software
  • Operation and failure analysis
  • Troubleshooting and exchange of Sunny Boys
  • General questions about Sunny Boys

Comprehensive warranty program

SMA meets the challenges of an always changing photovoltaic market by offering an enhanced extended service warranty concept, providing even more coverage and support for our valued partners. You can purchase an extended warranty at any time during the original manufacturer’s warranty coverage period, and you can purchase an extended warranty on a repaired unit at any time during the one-year period following the repair.

SMA Comprehensive warranty program

Future-proof warranty

We will keep down time to a minimum by shipping a replacement device as soon as possible, generally the same day as your call or online request. Should our inverter need replacement, we will provide you with an upgrade containing the latest technology. We will even exchange discontinued inverters with a new model where technically feasible. SMA technology is continuously evolving. With our unique future-proof guarantee, your customer can be assured his or her replacement device will perform as well as, or better than, when it was first installed.

If your eligible inverter is within warranty, it will be replaced at no cost. The SB1100U, SWR1800U, SWR2100U, SWR2500U, SB3300U, SB3800U, and SB6000U are currently eligible for the SMA upgrade program. SMA will even dispose of your old inverter properly in order to comply with electronic waste disposal laws.

Commercial operations and maintenance

Maintained plant performance results in maintained profit. At SMA, our talented team of field-service engineers and critical support staff provide a range of services from thorough inspections and equipment testing, 24/7 customer support, emergency response, warranty administration and other valuable O&M services.

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Centralized Solutions

Reliable operation of an inverter is paramount to achieving peak system performance, particularly in large, centralized systems. Leveraging the industry’s deepest bench strength and world-class Solar Monitoring Center, the industry’s top integrators choose SMA to mitigate risk and maximize returns.

Service and More

SMA Services for PV Power Plants

Protect your investment with SMA

While professional design, top quality components and precise installation go a long way toward the long-term success of a PV plant, properly accounting for start-up, O&M, and availability services is vital to ensure maximum production and superior financial returns.

SMA’s Solar Asset Management portfolio of services provides developers, EPCs, utilities, and investors with the PV industry’s best financial backstop and long-term plan to maximize system performance.

Grid Emulation™

Accelerate Your Business, Mitigate Risk

SMA offers a first-of-its kind service called Grid Emulation™ that offers its partners the unique ability to significantly pull forward their commercial operation dates. It arms developers and EPCs with the ability to pull forward commissioning, providing a dependable defense against project delays.

Proven on the largest plants in the world, Grid Emulation is a game changer in the way large-scale PV plants are tested and brought online.


Success Begins with the Essentials

Proper commissioning is absolutely critical to maximizing project velocity. SMA’s global team of field service engineers provides the industry’s most thorough commissioning process. With more than 100 inverter and system checks during the commissioning process, we make sure your SMA inverters are electrically and mechanically sound and ready for optimum performance.

Preventative Maintenance 98

Vital Care to Achieve Outstanding Reliability

With SMA Preventative Maintenance 98, plant owners benefit from a program that fits seamlessly with plant-level O&M plans and is backed by our 98% inverter availability guarantee. It is based on experienced field service engineers who apply the latest techniques and training to keep the inverters running at optimal levels, often in challengingenvironments.

During annual service appointments, SMA experts perform a comprehensive 20-point inspection, which includes 17 functional tests. A careful fault history analysis is completed and maintenance is carried out to proactively eliminate a potential reduction in performance. We aren’t just confident in our team’s ability to maximize your plant’s performance, we guarantee it.

Extended warranty

Future-Proof Your Investment

The SMA Extended Warranty provides the outstanding guarantees needed to secure funding and execute operationally by protecting against unforeseen costs from electrical or mechanical issues that may arise over the life of your PV plant. This future-proof assurance provides added confidence to financiers, developers and utilities by leveling your O&M cost models and optimizing your internal rate of return (IRR). It includes 100 percent coverage of all spare parts, remote and onsite diagnostic and repair services, as well as travel and expense costs.

Plant-wide operations and maintenance

Executing a successful O&M strategy is paramount to the long-term viability (and profitability) of a PV plant. SMA – already the world’s largest servicer of solar inverters – offers a comprehensive range of services from thorough inspections and equipment testing, 24/7 customer support, emergency response, warranty administration, annual performance ratio guarantees, remote monitoring and other valuable O&M services.

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Bundle service packages for value pricing

Predictable Cost Planning Made Easy

Fixed cost budgeting is key to a long-term service strategy. SMA has created discount levels to make it easy to plan and choose multiple service packages customized to meet your solar asset management needs. The added convenience of a single-source service provider plus attractive discount rates provides system owners with simple, predictable costs that fit within any long-term plan.

Hybrid Energy Solutions

Hybrid energy systems are uniquely challenging. They often require a higher level of sophistication while also needing to operate simply and efficiently. Leverage SMA’s extensive experience in supporting off-grid, backup and diesel hybrid applications by protecting your investment with an SMA Service plan.

Service and More

SMA Services for PV Diesel Hybrid Applications

Count on SMA's expertise

SMA has been developing scalable hybrid solutions for the electrification of regions with little or no grid infrastructure for more than 30 years. Thanks to our decades of worldwide experience, we are able to guarantee the best possible support for our customers.
Our top-rated service professionals can provide you with an unsurpassed level of support for your PV hybrid energy system – from early on in the planning stages, to commissioning and installation support – worldwide.

SMA multi-cluster box commissioning service

All-Inclusive service

SMA’s field service engineers will ensure the electrical and mechanical components of your Multi-Cluster Box system have been properly installed. We will inspect the AC and DC wiring of all of the SMA system components, check the DC polarity and voltage supplied by the batteries and verify the system communication cabling. This will include executing a comprehensive commissioning checklist, configuring the parameters on the Sunny Islands and starting the system up for the first time. SMA will provide you with the confidence that your off-grid power system is properly connected and optimized for operation.

  • Ensure proper system operation and function
  • Verify energy supply to connected loads
    • Test generator integration
    • Test loadshedding feature
    • Verify frequency shift power control function
  • Reduce service related callbacks
  • Train onsite maintenance staff

Fuel save solution commissioning service

Maximum planning and investment security

Five hundred gigawatts (GW) of power from diesel gensets provide industrial companies with electricity worldwide. Diesel gensets are essential to power supplies in regions with and without adequate grid infrastructure. SMA has developed a technology that is able to reduce fuel costs and CO2 emissions in industrial applications. The SMA Fuel Save Solution combines diesel and photovoltaics into a hybrid system that minimizes fuel dependency.

The best economic results are attained by integrating PV power into genset systems. From the very start, the SMA Power Audit determines if and how this integration can be achieved.

When system operators are unfamiliar with diesel genset load profiles, we can loan them the appropriate measuring device with the SMA Power Audit. Skilled technicians can then perform measurements on site. Based on the data, we are able to make a detailed calculation of the cost and savings potential and configure the system with optimal dimensions. SMA’s web-based planning tool, Sunny Design Hybrid, enables a thorough project assessment. Thanks to a discounted cash flow analysis, we can provide you with important financial parameters such as amortization and current net value, thus ensuring maximum planning security.

Always close to the customer

SMA employees provide on-site support during installation and commissioning. Should service be required, our Global Service Network provides expert assistance wherever our inverters are installed. Our 21 subsidiaries worldwide further strengthen our ability to provide remote service support; 24 hours a day, seven days a week. SMA represents a safe, clean and economical power supply throughout the world.

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Off-grid and backup system registration

Register your SMA system to receive:

  • Faster and more efficient technical support
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